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  1. Can I change my shipping address for my physical rewards?
  2. Can I delete my PlayFab account?
  3. Can I show off the game on YouTube? And monetize from it?
  4. Error code: basil
  5. Error code: cilantro
  6. Error code: mint
  7. Error code: parsley
  8. Error code: rosemary
  9. Error code: sage
  10. Help, my game won't start!
  11. How can I find PA.exe in my Steam folder?
  12. How can I unsubscribe from the mailing list?
  13. How do I change my name in-game?
  14. How do I convert my game key into a Steam code?
  15. How do I link my Steam account to my PlayFab account?
  16. How do I link my Steam account?
  17. How do I reset my password?
  18. I purchased the Retail game disc; where is my game key?
  19. I use Norton 360, Kapersky, or ESET and can't log in
  20. I've purchased the Collector's Edition; where is the Original Soundtrack code?
  21. Is there mod support?
  22. Kickstarter Physical Rewards: What's In The Box?
  23. What are the Minimum System Requirements for PA?
  24. What are the rewards for Steam Early Access?
  25. What do I do if PA.exe stops working in the middle of a game?
  26. What is the game's release date?
  27. When will I get my physical goods?
  28. Where are my digital rewards?
  29. Where can I download the game?
  30. Where can I get help for my soundtrack code for the Planetary Annihilation Original Soundtrack?
  31. Which Commander(s) should I have?
  32. Why am I getting a Low RAM Warning?
  33. Why am I getting the error that my graphics need OpenGL 3.2?
  34. Why am I getting “PA can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” in OS X?
  35. Why don't I have any game key(s) listed in 'My Keys' page?
  36. Why is Offline Play Disabled or Unavailable?
  37. Why is the game so slow on my gaming laptop?
  38. Why is the screen cut off in the Menu and Lobby?
  39. Why won't my in-game purchase go through in Steam?

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