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Why is the game so slow on my gaming laptop?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Many gaming laptops now have two different graphics card; one for less powerful needs like browsing the Internet and another for high performance needs like gaming. Most games are recognizable by the graphics card and will automatically switch to high performance, however you may need to configure your computer to use the more powerful graphics card.

Here are 2 videos that explain how to configure the NVIDIA Optimus and AMD Radeon graphics cards:

In most cases, you can right-click on your computer's desktop and select the graphics card.

For Nvidia, it's in the "Nvidia Control Panel" and for AMD it is "Configure Switchable Graphics".
From here, you can select PA.exe to be run as High Performance.

Click here if you've downloaded the game through Steam and are not sure where the PA.exe file is located.

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